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AwShit Maple Pork Chops
Bacon Mashed Potatoes
Barbecued Shrimp feat. Chicken Shit
BBQ Shit Chicken Sliders
Black-eyed Peas
Bloody Mary Ice Pops feat. AwShit
Chicken Shit Parmesan Wings
Chicken Shit Pull-Apart Bread
Breakfast Panini
BullShit Chicken Wings
BullShit Stuffed Peppers
Cheesesteak Panini
Cheddar & Swiss Fondue
ChickenShit Beef & Pork Meatballs
Chicken Shit Breakfast Pizza
Corn Pudding
Cracker Spread
Fried Snacks
German Potato Pancakes
Goat Cheese Crepes
Grilled Turkey
Hot Dog Chili
Hot Shit Quesadillas
Pork with Garlic Mustard Sauce
Quick Candied Pecans
Pulled Pork & Mac n' Cheese Panini
Sausage Breakfast Muffins
Shitty Nuts
Skillet Chicken feat. ChickenShit, Bacon & White Wine Sauce
Special Shit Stuffing
Stuffed Burgers
Stuffed Fish Fillets
Sweet Potatoes with Pecans
Texas Chili
  Hot Shit Dip Recipe

Hot Shit Dip