Beef Ribs

I thought I would provide a recipe that Man's best friend could enjoy too (after you’re finished enjoying them!). They’re inexpensive, taste great, and are easy to cook, though they take a while. Some stores sell short ribs without the bone, I prefer with because I think the bone adds flavor.


*Short Ribs about 3/4 lb per person
*SpecialShit or GoodShit
*Your favorite marinade (optional)
*BBQShit, or other sauce (like wine, A1 Sauce®, Worcestershire Sauce®, orange juice or just let your imagination run rampant)


If you plan on marinating the ribs do so about four hours before cooking them. These can be cooked in a crock pot, the oven, or a BBQ pit. I, of course, use a BBQ pit, a gas one is fine. Season the ribs liberally with either Specialshit or GoodShit. Plan on cooking them in the oven or pit about 3-4 hours at a low heat say 225º or in a crock pot most of the day. In a crock pot put some water, beef broth, or my favorite, Chicken Broth in with them to keep them moist.

After they appear done, brush your sauce on them and cook another 30 minutes. A good clue of when they are getting done is the meat starts to pull away from the bone.

The meat should practically fall off the bone and when it does, give the bone to Man's Best Friend. Who knows he may even lick your face.