Blackened Snapper with Pontchartrain Sauce
(from the kitchen of Dan’s son “Chez Chris”)

I got the craving a few weeks ago for some homemade Blackened Snapper. I looked in all the usual places for a recipe and they all looked like too much trouble. I called my son (who is an amateur chef and a restaurant manager) to see if he had a good recipe. He said "Pops, just use a little butter and Aw Shit". He later told me that the same recipes work for Chicken Breast, Steaks (tenderloin is my favorite) or Prime rib. Give it a shot, it's easy and you'll be an unsung chef.


* Fresh Red Snapper or other fresh fish (tilapia, sea bass, catfish, etc.)
* 1 Tbsp unsalted butter
* Aw Shit


Generously sprinkle Aw Shit on both sides of snapper. Being sure you have removed the skin (if not, to quote a popular chef, it won't be "Good Eats"). Over medium high heat, melt butter in large non-stick skillet. Add snapper to hot skillet searing and blackening both sides, about a minute on each side. Reduce heat and cook on medium low till fish is done to your liking.