Campfire Roasted Onions

A bunch of were camping out and cooking out a few days ago and someone said "hey Wayne, Make some of your onions". What I watched in the next few minutes was not even close to anything I had ever seen. Thanks to Wayne for letting me share this with you.


* White onions, as many and as big as you want
* Butter, maragine or butter substitute
* Small beef boullion cubes
* Special Shit
* Oil & Vinegar Dressing
* Heavy duty Aluminum Foil


Peel onions down to the second layer but do not take the "root end" button off of the onion.
Hollow out the center of the onion down to the button (but not through) and about as big around as a normal man's thumb.
Fill this cavity one half full of butter and drop a beef bullion cube into the hole and finish filling the hole with butter.
Set the onion, cavity side up on a square of allunimum foil and pour a little of the oil and vinegar dressing on the outside of the onion.
Sprinkle liberally with Special Shit.
Gather the alunimum foil around the top of the onion and seal. Do this for every onion you plan to cook.
These can be cooked for about an hour over a fairly hot grill, in a campfire, or a 350° oven. Open the onion but keep the juices, they make a great au jus (that part is Wayne's term).