Fried Turkey

You can't think of Thanksgiving without thinking Turkey. Fried turkey is a lot easier to make if you think SAFETY. Be sure and heed the safety points below. Let's get started.

The first thing you need is a turkey and pot similar to the one in the picture and a burner to set under the pot. The day before you plan on cooking the turkey, still wrapped up like you got it from the store,place it in an empty pot. Then fill the pot with water till it just barely covers the turkey (this should be several inches from the top of the pot). Remove the turkey from the water and with a felt tip pen, mark the waterline on the inside of the pot. This is going to be how far you fill the pot tomorrow with oil. I don't care much for peanut oil but a lot of people really do. Use cottonseed oil, vegetable oil, whatever the stores are selling this time of year.
OK, now you have to prepare the defrosted turkey. Yes, you are supposed to defrost the turkey (in the refrigerator, please). Take a handy dandy injector (looks like a big needle) that you can get from your local mega mart and begin injecting the turkey with the recipe below.Be sure and inject the breast, legs, thigh, and wings in several places until the mixture is oozing out. Place in the fridge and wait till tomorrow.

The big day is finally here. Get your pot and fill to the line you marked yesterday with your choice of oil. Light the heater and crank up the heat. You're not casting bronze so don't get carried away. Place a thermometer in the oil but don't let it touch the sides or bottom of the pot. Bring the temperature up to 300 degrees. It's probably not a bad idea to put a large piece of cardboard under the burner because the oil is gonna pop and sizzle when you put in the turkey.

TAKE THE POT OFF OF THE BURNER and set it on the ground a few feet from the burner. Now then, place the turkey in the oil, SLOWLY (using the little rack that came with the pot). Get a helper and place the pot back over the burner. Keep a close watch on the temperature, it should have dropped several degrees by now and you're shooting for 275 degrees to cook the bird. Cook for 5 minutes per pound. After a few minutes the temp will stabilize and be fairly even during the next hour or so. Make small adjustments to the flame trying to keep it at 275 degrees. But watch it, and don't leave the setup unattended. Also, it's best to do this in a garage or other wind free area.

After time is up, turn off the burner. THEN remove the turkey and allow to cool for at least 30 minutes. It is going to be HOT so be careful. Carve to your liking and enjoy.

Fried Turkey Injection Ingredients:

* 8oz bottle of Italian salad dressing
* 2oz garlic juice 
* 1 tbsp Special Shit


  Strain the Salad dressing thru a medium strainer add the other ingredients, mix well, and inject the turkey.Fry Turkey for 5 minutes per pound at 275 degrees.