Grilled Corn on the Cob

I'll tell you what, corn has got to be the best vegetable ever made. Any vegetable you can make beer and whiskey out of as well as eat it is just about perfect. The good thing about grilling corn is you can wrap it in foil, cook it unwrapped, cook it in the husk, or a mixture of these. I like it because no matter to what degree you cook it you can explain it to your friends. If it looks a little burnt, oh the "caramelization" is what makes it good. A little under done and it's "yeah I prefer them when they're still crisp and juicy". What a perfect food, almost as good as a potato.


* corn on the cob
* Good Shit
* butter, margarine, or "I Don't Know if it's Butter" substitute


Prepare and heat grill.

Rub some butter, or substitute, on each ear of corn and liberally season each with Good Shit. I prefer my corn wrapped in aluminum foil either individually or several ears together, just make sure it's wrapped pretty tight. You can also cook them without being wrapped or in the husks they came in (just remove the silk please).

Place them over the fire or off to the side to slow cook them. They are done whenever you say they are. I like to give them about an hour.