Jalapeno Hamburgers Recipe

The first time my stockbroker's family and mine got together socially, it was to cook hamburgers on the grill. As I was preparing the raw patties I asked my friend if he wanted jalapenos on his burger. He said, "sure".

Well at dinner I noticed he was sweating profusely and red-faced. I thought he was choking and was trying to help. He held up one finger telling me to wait. He cleared his throat and announced "Best damn burger I ever had". They can get hot so be careful.


* 1/3 lb of hamburger meat per burger
* Special Shit
* Sliced or Diced Jalapenos (with seeds and all)
* 1 slice of cheese (optional)
* Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, etc.
* Aw Shit


There are two ways to make these. The most "lethal" is to take 1/3 pound and divide it. Make a patty with half of the hamburger and put slices of Jalapeno on the top, staying away from the edges. Sprinkle Special Shit on the patty and jalapenos.Make another patty with the other half and place on top of the one with jalapenos and press them together making them one. Bear in mind the more jalapenos the hotter it will be.

An optional way is to dice the jalapenos and just mix them into the entire batch of hamburger meat. They will all have the same "hotness" with this method when you hand form the patties.

Cook them as you would any regular hamburger. For those that really like it hot, a couple of minutes before they are done sprinkle Aw Shit on them. Experts say Coca Cola is good to cool off your mouth. And to think I thought beer did that.