Mayo-Marinated Steak
I promise I’m not kidding about this. It may have been the best steak I ever had.


* Steak of your choice (I usually go for the ribeye)
* SpecialShit
* Granulated garlic
* Mayonnaise

Cooking instructions:

Lay out the steak for an hour before cooking. Season the steak on both sides with SpecialShit and granulated garlic. Then, cover both sides of the steak with mayonnaise and let it sit for an hour before cooking. You can grill it on the pit or cook on a stove top in a cast iron skillet. Set the skillet over high heat cook until it is done to your likeness. Notice I never said anything about scraping the mayonnaise off. Cook with it still on and let it continue to keep the steak juicy and tasty.