Simple (But Oh So Tasty) Ribeye Steak Recipe

As a cattleman, I think everyone should eat a whole lot of red meat. In the cattle business the goal is trying to grow the perfect Ribeye. This is my personal favorite cut of steak but this recipe can be used with T-Bone, Sirloin, Porterhouse, or any other type of steak.
*A trick I use to make steak more affordable is to buy the whole rib roast from a place like Sam's or Costco and cut the steaks myself. Use a sharp knife and BE CAREFUL!


* ribeye steaks
* Special Shit or Good Shit (try them both for a totally different flavor)


Sprinkle your chosen Shit liberally on both sides of the steaks and leave at room temperature while the pit is heating up. If you are using something like a Weber, get the charcoal going till it is white and glowing. If you insist on a gas grill, heat to 450°, put the steaks on the grill directly over the coals (or burner) and shut the air vents on the cooker. Gas grill users turn the temperature down to 325°. Wait 3-4 minutes and open the lid and turn the steaks over. Continue cooking until desired level of doneness is reached. If you prefer well done, do yourself a favor and eat a hotdog.