Teriyaki Steak

God, I love steak. Always have. But sometimes you just want something a little different (steak-wise that is).

This recipe is easy, real easy! I prefer ribeye steaks but it works equally well with strip sirloin, flat-iron or almost any other cut except T-bone. For some reason, it's just not good with T-Bone.


* 6oz can of pineapple juice (those little ones that come 6 to a pack)
* 4oz soy sauce
* 6 Tbsp of brown sugar
* Good Shit


Put the first three ingredients in a measuring cup and mix until the sugar is dissolved. Place one or two steaks in a zip top bag and pour the mix in on top. Making sure that all the steak is exposed to the liquid, place in the fridge for 2-4 hours. Season with Good Shit and warm to room temperature an hour before you're ready to cook (I like to use an outdoor grill). Cook no further than medium, otherwise just eat cardboard. Enjoy with a full bodied RED wine.